Mystery Coast: Treasure Hunt

The Golden City of Aguche was once a proud
and prosperous Egyptian port...

Dive the shipwrecks of the Mystery Coast with Storm and the crew of the Mary Rose, to discover secrets ancient and new. Restore and auction the world's greatest lost treasures from your workshop, as you uncover the biggest mystery of all: Storm's past.

“A dazzling mash-up of game and live-action video.” - Apple

Starring Mara Huf (Storm), Carsten Hayes (Dylan), Diveen Henry (Celeste) and Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins (Roberto).
“Mystery Coast is part of an emerging wave of products that combine qualities of TV series with free-to-play-game mechanics. It takes some of the behaviours and tropes of mobile gaming, and extends them to an extreme degree, with enormous love and attention, into something new. As with Avo, we are trying again to think of TV and video differently, to put a new kind of agency into people’s hands, and to create new forms of interaction.”
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