Playdeo makes a new kind of entertainment: television you can touch - a new space, inside video, where you can play.

Playdeo was founded in 2017 and is based in London, with a studio in Shoreditch. We released our first title, Avo, in 2019, and our second, Mystery Coast, in 2020.

Playdeo is built to support invention, and the belief that invention is a joyful and optimistic way of working and connecting people. We came together to make a new kind of entertainment: television you can touch - a new space, inside video, where you can play. The studio is diverse in its specialisms: the people mirror the combinative inventiveness of the products we want to build.

Our shows are for everyone, but with the massive and growing audience for whom the phone is their first - sometimes only - screen, in mind. We bring together the care and heart found in the production of TV and film, and the interactivity and play of games and software, in ways that haven’t been seen or tried before. We build worlds and characters as well as new technologies, pouring optimism and invention into every pixel.

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Jack Schulze, CEO

Schulze has a history of inventing new forms of visual media, software, hardware, and entertainment, and forming companies and practices to do so. See his work at MoMA permanent collection Here & There; Little Printer; iPad Light Painting; Immaterials. He trained at the Royal College of Art and co-founded the design studio BERG.


Timo Arnall, Head of Production

Arnall is a filmmaker and photographer born in London to Finnish animator Marjut Rimminen and British producer Dick Arnall. He has collaborated with Schulze from the age of 11. Timo has a career history of experimentation with visual media and software: see his work at BERG, including Immaterials; iPad Light Painting, as well as independent projects such as Internet Machine. He holds a PhD in Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


Nick Ludlam, CTO

Ludlam is a software engineer and computer programmer who has worked at NASA, FrameStore and The Mill, as well as BERG. Nick grew up in a TV repair shop where he developed a passion for computers and media. His career has involved breaking new technical ground across software and hardware, in projects such as Little Printer and


We’re inventing a new kind of entertainment!