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Playdeo's mission is to invent magical new forms of entertainment that are universally loved. We know the only way we can - and want to! - do this is with a diverse, inclusive team that works closely to produce work with real heart. We’re still quite a young company, and we’re fully committed to growing a team that represents these values. We're always looking for people who can bring inventive, fresh thinking. If you’re wondering whether to get in touch, then do!

These are our current job openings:


This is a leading role, where you’ll work directly with management, at the same time as jumping right into the software. We’re a growing team at the start of something incredible, so it’s an opportunity to join us and shape the role as a vital part of our future.

We want you...
• to implement and maintain a native video playback plugin in Android, and integrate with Unity
• to help address the widest number of Android devices through performance and asset optimisation
• to extend and help maintain existing infrastructure to automate application builds using Fastlane
• to thrive working day-to-day with an inventive, multi-disciplinary team
• to do the best work of your life in a creative environment, embracing big technical challenges
• to be a big part of our future!

It’s helpful if...
• you’re familiar with Ruby, Python and shell scripting
• you’re familiar with video and audio compression systems

We’re constantly improving and expanding capabilities, so we want you to bring confidence and stability to technology that is both live in the field and always under development.You’ll work with prototyping teams and make imaginative leaps to bring new features and qualities of interaction to life for a global audience.

Playdeo’s video runtime currently runs as an iOS native plugin. Your first responsibility will be to build a parallel model on the Android platform. Beyond that, there is a lot of scope to grow the role to cover broader technical responsibilities. We’re always looking for inventive and ambitious thinking for how we can support new and brilliant experiences through our work.

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